SFBEM, Forward method with Extrapolation (for Poisson noise image deblurring problems, by S. Bonettini, F. Porta, V. Ruggiero,

· AEM, Alternating Extragradient Method for Total Variation image restoration from Poisson data, (GNU General Public License), by S. Bonettini, V. Ruggiero,

· BLKFCLT, Regularized Cholesky-like factorization for sparse symmetric matrices, by S. Bonettini, V. Ruggiero,

· IP-PCG, An interior point code for nonlinear constrained optimization, registered to SIAE, by S. Bonettini, V. Ruggiero,

· A collection of optimal control problems, by S. Bonettini, V. Ruggiero,

· VIsemiLSQRnew2, A semismooth Inexact Newton method for the solution of large scale variational inequality, by F. Tinti, V. Ruggiero,

· Software for the numerical evaluation of projection-type methods for large quadratic programs, by E. Galligani, V. Ruggiero L. Zanni, AnNum97