Department of Mathematics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia 

AK 30 45-03 111321 Bogotá, Colombia.

E-mail: phzambranor at unal dot edu dot co

phzambranor at gmail dot com

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Who I am.

  • I am an Associate Professor at Department of Mathematics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • I did the Ph.D. in Math. at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. My advisor was Andrés Villaveces.
  • I was invited to attend the Mathematical Logic Program at Mittag-Leffler Institute at Djursholm, Sweden which held in Fall 2009.
  • I am interested in Model Theory, more specifically stability in non-elementary classes and Accessible Categories (a special kind of Categories which allows to do some Model Theory). I studied in my Ph.D. Thesis Superstability in Metric Abstract Elementary Classes, a metric version of non-axiomatizable (in Continuous Logic) classes of complete metric structures (e.g., Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces together with linear operators).
  • I am a member of Colombian Mathematical Society and Association for Symbolic Logic
  • My Erdös number is 3.
  • This is my mathematical genealogy tree.

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