Accepted Papers

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[Authors], [title], Workshop on Mining Big Data in Climate and Environment (MBDCE 2017), 17th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2017), April 27 - 29, 2017, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • A Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for Long Term Drought Prediction  |  Norbert Agana, Abdollah Homaifar  |  (pdf)
  • Coherent Spatial Clusters for Indian Rainfall Anomalies across Time Scales  |  Adway Mitra  |  (pdf)
  • Data-Driven Koopman Analysis of Tropical Climate Space-Time Variability  |  J. Slawinska, E. Szekely, D. Giannakis  |  (pdf)
  • delta-MAPS: From Spatio-temporal Data to a Weighted and Lagged Network Between Functional Domains  |  Ilias Fountalis, Annalisa Bracco, Bistra Dilkina, Constantine Dovrolis  |  (pdf)
  • Discovering Sub-Interval Relationships In Time Series Data: An Application to Global Sea Level Pressure Data  |  Saurabh Agrawal, Anuj Karpatne, Vipin Kumar  |  (pdf)
  • Edge-based Remote Sensing for the Next Green Revolution: A Position Paper  |  John Jernigan, Ranga Raju Vatsavai  |  (pdf)
  • Future Perspectives and the Ethics of Data Science Problem Statements  |  Anne Denton  |  (pdf)
  • Machine Learning for the Geosciences - Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications for the ML process  |  Anuj Karpatne, Hassan Ali Babaie, Sai Ravela, Vipin Kumar, Imme Ebert-Uphoff  |  (pdf)
  • Mapping Plantations in Indonesia: A Summary of Results  |  Xiaowei Jia, Ankush Khandelwal, Guruprasad Nayak, James Gerber, Kimberly Carlson, Paul West, Vipin Kumar  |  (pdf)
  • Modeling Weather-induced Home Insurance Risks with Support Vector Machine Regression  |  Asim Kumer Dey, Vyacheslav Lyubchich, Yulia Gel  |  (pdf)
  • Monitoring Dynamics of Water Bodies at Global Scale using Remote Sensing Data: Opportunities, Challenges and New Research Directions  |  Ankush Khandelwal, Anuj Karpatne, Vipin Kumar  |  (pdf)
  • On Employing Multi-Resolution Weather Data in Crop Insurance  |  Azar Ghahari, Yulia Gel, V. Lyubchich, Yongwan Chun, Daniel Uribe  |  (pdf)
  • Structure Learning in Spectral Space with Applications in Climate Science  |  Savini Samarasinghe, Yi Deng, Imme Ebert-Uphoff  |  (pdf)