Theme to be announced February 2018

**WE SOLD OUT IN 2017**

Calling all Dead Czars, former cast members, and production ninjas!

Was the Smoker one of your favorite pastimes while at UMMS (the answer is always yes)? If you are a Galens Smoker alum, or know someone who is, please fill out this form so we can reach you in the future! 

There will be a special SMOKER alumni event this year before the Saturday show on March 3rd. Cash bar, light refreshments, and reliving your glory days with famous Smoker Alums like Dr. Bob Bartlett, the man who made the smoker what it is today.  RSVP here

Top: Centennial Smoker Czars (Nithin, Galina, Christina, Rachel, Stevie-Jay)
Bottom: 2017 Dead Czars 
(Anthony, Maria, Korie, Dave)

TICKETS for the 2018 Smoker are on sale NOW!

Click here to reserve your seats.