Last year's show was the 100th smoker, the incredible Harry Potter and the Deathly Hematochezia. It will be hard to top this year, but the cast and crew are already hard at work. More to come!

Calling all Dead Czars, former cast members, and production ninjas!

Was the Smoker one of your favorite pastimes while at UMMS (the answer is always yes)? If you are a Galens Smoker alum, or know someone who is, please fill out this form so we can reach you in the future! 

Top: Centennial Smoker Czars (Nithin, Galina, Christina, Rachel, Stevie-Jay)
Bottom: 2017 Dead Czars 
(Anthony, Maria, Korie, Dave)

TICKETS for the 2019 Smoker are on sale NOW through Eventbrite - see details here.