Steve Shaw

Ph.D. Candidate, Marketing, 2015 - 2020 (Expected)
M.A. Candidate, Statistics, 2018 - 2020 (Expected)
Stephen M. Ross School of Business 
University of Michigan


Steve is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Marketing, concurrently pursuing a Master's in Statistics. In his research, he uses techniques from cognitive neuroscience and molecular genetics to investigate the biological underpinnings of consumer behavior. Prior to joining Michigan Ross in 2015, Steve earned a B.Sc. in Animal Behavior and a B.Sc. in Genetics and Psychology, both from The University of Western Ontario.

Faculty Advisors & Collaborators

Carolyn Yoon, Professor of Marketing
University of Michigan

Contact Information

Stephen M. Ross School of Business
Executive Residence 4609
701 Tappan Street
Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
734-747-4080 | | LinkedIn | ResearchGate