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 20190712, Actually, Climate Scientists Don't Blame Anything They Want on Climate Change
 20190608, Scientific American, Climate change sends Great Lakes water levels seesawing (Conversation republication)
 20190606, WisContext: The "New Normal" of Erratic Water Levels on the Great Lakes (Conversation republication)
 20190605, Conversation, Climate change is driving rapid shifts between high and low water levels on the Great Lakes
 20190509, Detroit News: Wave of flooding a wake up call

20190208, Washington Post: Making sense of the polar vortex and record cold on a feverish planet

20170813, Conversation: Red Team/Blue Team climate change review
(Japanese) 20170704, Conversation: What would happen if we stopped greenhouse emissions?
 20161201, EOS (AGU): Trump transition analysis and editorial

20150226, Conversation: 30 years above average temperature
 20141211, Conversation: What would happen if we stopped greenhouse emissions?
 Link20140514, Mich. J. Sustainability: A fundamental shift of our place in the world
  20140522, Earthzine: Climate Informatics: Human experts and the end-to-end system
 20130308, Washington Post: To be best in weather forecasting
 20130220, Zocalo Public Square: Real Scenarios in Real Places
 20121031, Globe & Mail: Climate behind superstorm Sandy
 20110417, Earthzine: Changing the media discussion on climate and extreme weather
 20080813, MongaBay: Carbon tax as transition to carbon market

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