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The Vanishing American Corporation
Gerald F. Davis
Barrett Koehler Publishers, 2016

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Corporations are vanishing may sound like good news to some, but it's not—in fact, it's a root cause of the income inequality and social instability we face today. Corporations were once an integral part of building the middle class. In their heyday they offered millions of people lifetime employment, a stable career path, health insurance, and retirement pensions.

Changing Your Company from the Inside Out
Gerald F. Davis and Christopher White
Harvard Business Review Press, 2015

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Changing Your Company from the Inside Out offers you the tools you need to champion initiatives that are meaningful to you, socially responsible, and align with your company’s mission and strategy. Drawing on the lessons of dynamic social movements—from the Civil Rights Movement to the Arab Spring—and the real-world successes of corporate intrapreneurs, Davis and White present concrete strategies and tactics for effecting meaningful change in companies. This is an indispensable and practical guide for anyone seeking to create a sustainable venture within an existing enterprise.

Managed by the Markets
Gerald F. Davis
Oxford University Press, 2009

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The current economic crisis reveals just how central finance has become to American life. Problems with obscure securities created on Wall Street radiated outward to threaten the retirement security of pensioners in Florida and Arizona, the homes and college savings of families in Detroit and Southern California, and ultimately the global economy itself. The American government took on vast new debt to bail out the financial system, while venerable Wall Street institutions disappeared, retailers went bankrupt, and major manufacturers teetered on the brink of oblivion. How did we get into this mess, and what does it all mean?

From corporations operated to create shareholder value, to banks that became portals to financial markets, to governments seeking to regulate or profit from footloose capital, to households with savings, pensions, and mortgages that rise and fall with the market, life in post-industrial America is tied to finance to an unprecedented degree. Managed by the Markets provides a guide to how we got here and unpacks the consequences of linking the well-being of society too closely to financial markets.

Organizations and Organizing
W. Richard Scott and Gerald F. Davis
Pearson Education, Inc., 2007

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This book covers the early history of organization studies, provides a comprehensive framework for comparing competing theoretical paradigms, and addresses major developments in the most recent decade. Its scholarly yet accessible conceptual framework encourages our diverse scholarly community to come together to consider common issues and problems.

Social Movements and Organization Theory
Gerald F. Davis, Doug McAdam, W. Richard Scott, Mayer N. Zald
Cambridge University Press, 2005

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Although the fields of organization theory and social movement theory have long been viewed as belonging to different worlds, recent events have intervened, reminding us that organizations are becoming more movement-like - more volatile and politicized - while movements are more likely to borrow strategies from organizations. Organization theory and social movement theory are two of the most vibrant areas within the social sciences. This collection of original essays and studies both calls for a closer connection between these fields and demonstrates the value of this interchange.