In the Duncan lab, we ask fundamental questions about how cells work. Our projects currently revolve around membrane traffic, the process by which trans-membrane proteins and proteins inside organelle arrive at their correct location. Our work investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying the movement of proteins between organelles, the regulation of membrane traffic by nutrients and how membrane traffic contributes to cell survival under different conditions. These studies are important for our understanding of what happens to cells when  deprived of nutrients such as during heart attack and stroke or when overexposed to nutrients as occurs during hyperglycemia.

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Lab news

April 2015

*Congratulations Jorge on being awarded an NRSA fellowship.


*The lab welcomes new undergraduate assistants and researchers Chris, Robert and Bryant.

*Congratulations Destiney on being awarded an ASCB travel award.

*Destiney and Mara's dispatch on cellular energetics is published in Current Biology.


*Welcome rotation student Molly Thorsen.


*The lab bids a fond adieu to Jordan as he moves to Tennessee to start a new chapter in his scientific career.

*The lab welcome technician Grace Booth.


*Congratulations former technician Michael, former undergrad Laura and current graduate students Jorge and Destiney for having their paper describing endocytic and autophagy responses to glucose starvation accepted in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

*Congratulations to Destiney for being awarded a Carl Storm Fellowship to attend the Protein Processing, Trafficking & Secretion Gordon Conference this summer.

*Congratulations to Jordan for accepting admissions to Vanderbilt for Graduate school.


*Congratulations former undergraduate research assistant Lauren Askew for admissions into the John Hopkins Summer internship program.


*Congratulations to former lab member Jihui for having the cover article in Molecular Biology of the Cell.


*Congratulations to former lab member Jihui for having her paper describing how phosphoinositide signalling regulates lipid droplet metabolism accepted in Molecular Biology of the Cell.

*Congratulations to former lab member Zhong-hao for accepting a position at the Development Center for Biotechnology in Taiwan.


*Congratulations to Chao-wei for being awarded an ASCB meeting travel grant!
*Congratulations to former lab member, postdoctoral fellow Claire Gordy, for winning an Excellence in Undergraduate Mentorship award for her mentoring of Lauren and Trevor in the Duncan lab last year. Great job! We wish you, Trevor and Lauren the best as you continue your excellent work in the Dohlman Lab.

*Welcome to Michigan Chao-wei.


*Congratulations to Destiney for an award for best poster at the 2013 CDB retreat!

*Welcome to Michigan Destiney, Jordan and Jorge! 

*The lab packs up, bids a fond adieu to UNC and hits the road for Michigan.