Alamanya: Transnational German Studies Workshop became a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop in 2011, and was formally known as Alamanya: Turkish-German and German Minority Workshop (2001-2011). After a series of meetings and discussions, Alamanya decided to change its name in order to reflect the workshop’s engagement with transnationalism in the German sphere, including issues related to translation, migration, colonialism, and exile. Transnational German Studies emphasizes the diversity of artistic expressions in communities marked by migration and exile and calls for an interdisciplinary approach that encourages academic collaboration at the nexus of nation, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and religion.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Alamanya's graduate student coordinator is Emily Gauld (German), and the faculty coordinator is Kristin Dickinson (German). Alamanya is excited about its upcoming program, which will focus on workshopping student work, reading relevant primary and secondary sources, engaging with established and emerging scholars, and hosting producers of transnational German culture in fields such as film, art, music, and literature.


Upcoming events:

Our fall semester focus on contemporary transnational literature will also include the following events:

Tuesday, Nov. 1 @ 6pm: (North Quad 2435) German-Jewish poet, Esther Dischereit performance of Klagelieder (Laments) from her 2014 work Blumen Für Otello, including musical and dance accompaniment 

Monday, Dec. 5 @ 4pm(location TBD) Public reading by visiting Writer-in-Residence, Selim Özdogan, from his most recent novel, Wieso Heimat, ich wohne zur Miete. 


Friday, Mar. 16 @ 2pm: (German Conference Room) Talk by Prof. David Gramling (Arizona).
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