BruJa Hand

BruJa hand is a 5-finger prosthetic hand for research purposes in the field of Low-cost devices printed with FDM technologies. It was developed by the researchers Bruno Sospedra and Javier Andrés, in the context of the project DEVALHAND, and it has three versions, namely:
  • Model-B, originally inspired in the Toronto/Bloorview/MacMillan (TBM) hand (Dechev et al., 2001), the motion is transmitted through linkages
  • Model-T, in which the hand is acted by means of cords acting as tendons. For research purposes, the passing points of the cords where carefully chosen to be the same than the joints between the linkages and the phalanges on Model-B. Elastic cords guarantee the extension of the fingers.
  • Model-BT is, in fact, a mix of the two previous models. Instead being moved by a rack-pinion system, linkages of the model-B are moved by the pulleys of model T. 
All three models are actuated with six Pololu 250:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor LP 6V mounted in the body palm:

BruJa hand in action

Download files for 3D printing

The models, to be printed in ABS or PLA, are  freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International LicenseTo get the .stl files, please fill-in the following form and we will send you the files by e-mail.