Families with students in Grades 5-12 can participate in our Chromebook ownership program through a Technology Fee of $57/year. 

Participation includes:
  • Permission to bring the device home evenings, weekends and vacations.
  • Three year accidental damage coverage (screens, drops, liquids, etc.) including battery replacement.
  • Full ownership after three years.
Seniors (class of 2018) and Juniors (class of 2019) have two options:
  • Chromebook Fee with Ownership:  a prorated* rate with ownership at graduation. The district subsidy applies while the student is enrolled.
  • Chromebook Fee with Transfer: the annual rate with the balance of the three year commitment transferred a fifth grade student (same family) or returned to the district. 
Families who qualify for the national free and reduced lunch program can pay $20 per student per year. 

The use of MySchoolBucks allows families the convenience of paying by credit card and distributing payments in a lump sum, annually, or monthly. This fee can be paid using the MySchoolBucks school store.

Alternatively, families desiring to pay by check can download the appropriate form below and submit it with a check made payable to the School District of Upper Dublin. All checks should have your child's name written on them and should be mailed to the Technology Office attn.: Technology Fee, 1580 Fort Washington Ave., Maple Glen PA, 19002. 

Families may opt out of the fee and forgo the ability to take the Chromebook home (the student must pick up and drop off the Chromebook at a dedicated location daily) and are responsible for damage or replacement costs due to neglect or misuse (as they would with a damaged or missing textbook).

* The district subsidy of $75/ year applies while the student is enrolled. 
Starting in fall 2017 The district selected the Acer 738T which is internally ruggedized, has a fantastic processor, a 9 hour continual use battery, touchscreen, and converts for tablet use. The combined retail value of the Acer c738T ($317) and the three year accidental damage insurance ($100) is $417. The total fee for ownership, spread over three years, is $$175.

Click Here to visit the MySchoolBucks web store to reserve your child's ChromeBook.

The steps are simple:
  1. Create your account by clicking "sign up today".
  2. Select Upper Dublin School District.
  3. Add your students (by school, name and birthdate). (You can always add more students later by visiting your profile at the top of the page). Pick the school your child will attend this year.
  4. You can skip the low meal balance prompt. We do not use that feature.
  5. Click "Browse All Items", and select the chromebook for the grade your student will be entering in the fall 2017.
  6. The system displays the total fee over three years. If you would like to distribute payments annually or monthly, select "Make this Automatic".
  7. Add to basket and checkout via the shopping cart icon at the top. Repeat for additional students. A small convenience fee is charged by MySchoolBucks. 
Chromebooks will be distributed mid-August and at the start of the school year.

Chromebooks are heavily subsidized by the School District. If you feel you require an additional subsidy, or you are interested in supporting an additional subsidy for a family in need, please contact pvinogra@udsd.org 

Chromebook Cases.
Cases are a great way to protect and customize your investment. Below are some recommendations from our parents and students.