Ongoing projects

Riverside Air Monitoring Project

A Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) project with UCR's CE-CERT and Riverside Unified School District. We seek to link learning with real-world challenges and locally relevant issues - air quality in the Inland Empire. New science curriculum will be created to engage underrepresented learners in STEM activities. We also seek to explore how industry motivates underrepresented students to become interested in STEM careers.

Funding: NSF ITEST grant, 2019-22

Pathways to Creativity

An international, longitudinal project on how inter- and intra-personal factors contribute to teenagers' innovative thinking in the US, Japan, and China. 

Funding: UCR Academic Senate Research Grant, 2014-15

Cross-border Schooling

What underlies the development of socio-emotional skills pertinent to educational success? We focus on the prospects and challenges faced by youths residing in regions along the US-Mexico borderlands to answer this question. 

Funding: Blum Initiative Faculty Seed Grant, 2016-17

CS For All: Summer Camp

Informal learning environments, like summer camps, can be crucial in heightening children's interest in STEM. In collaboration with researchers in the Department of Computer Science, we investigate the longitudinal implications of summer coding camp participation and students' future interest in STEM related majors.

Funding: UCR Collaborative Seed Grant, 2018-19

Emotions and Creativity

This project seeks to identify emotional contributors to creativity, with sensitivity to different emotional profiles that may be normative in distinct cultural contexts.

The Ingenious Project

How do children find out who is smart, who is nice, and who is both smart and nice? We look into the possible influences of biographies for children and teens.

Completed studies

Peer Mindset Project

Can college students' mindsets about the malleability of ability change as a consequence of peer influence? 

Funding: Institute of Education Innovative Research Grant, 2016-17

Mothers' Voice

How does the tonal quality of mothers' communication with their children predict mothers' behaviors?

Funding: UCR Academic Senate Faculty Development Grant, 2018-19

Where is the Pygmalion?

How do parents' practice change when they have high (vs. low) expectancies for their children's success in a task? This experimental study examines this question with attention to possible mechanisms underlying the link between parental expectations, parents' behaviors, and children's learning outcomes. 

Funding: APA (Division 7) Early Career Grant, 2016-17

The Model Minority Paradox
Focusing on Southeast Asian youth in Southern California, this research explores the effectiveness of a mindset training for parents and children living under poverty. 

Funding: Blum Initiative Collaborative Research Grant, 2016-17

What is in a Storybook?

Do young children's storybooks in the US, Mexico, and China contain similar amount of learning-related values? 

Funding: UC MEXUS Small Grant, 2014-15