Culture and Child Development Lab


How do children develop across cultural contexts? What roles do parents, teachers, and peers play in children's development?

The CCDL employs diverse methods to examine questions about children's academic and emotional adjustment from early childhood to emerging adulthood.

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12/31 Cecilia receives an early career award from SRCD Asian Caucus [link]

2/15 A $1.19 million grant from NSF will support our research-practice partnership project with UCR's CE-CERT and Riverside Unified School District [link]

4/8 A poster by Brandon, Kevin, and Pamela won the Western Psychological Foundation's Student Scholarship Award

4/9 Danielle received the 
Robert L. Solso Research Award from the Western Psychological Association

5/1 Paper on implicit theories of creativity available online [link]

6/18 Paper on peer mindsets available online [link

7/12 Paper on teacher-student relationships available online [link]