CATA Yearbook

Welcome to a page that has information about the CATA Yearbook-The CATAlyst!

2017, 2018, and 2019 yearbooks are still available for $85.00. Bring in a check or cash to Ms. Christensen. Make checks out to CATA. We have a limited number remaining so get yours today!

2020 Yearbooks are on sale for $75. The price will increase to $85 on 11/30/2019 Be sure to remember to order your yearbook! Order yours today! Make checks payable to CATA.

Order online at and search for CATA to link to our school.

Senior Tributes

Senior Tributes are now on sale. Time is running out! Payment and order forms need to be received by Monday, September 30th to guarantee a space. Photos and message should be sent in by Thursday, October 31st.

Order Form

Tribute Size (Check One):

  • Full page $295 maximum of 9 pictures
  • ½ page $195 maximum of 6 pictures *make checks payable to CATA*
  • ¼ page $100 maximum of 3 pictures or order online at
  • 1/8 page $65 maximum of 1 picture

Submit images via email to DEB.CHRISTENSEN@UCPS.K12.NC.US or hard copies can be brought to school for scanning and returned same day. You can also upload photos to the website.

If you have any questions about senior tributes or yearbook sales, please contact Ms. Deb Christensen at or call 704-296-3088, ext. 7140.

Community upload image for yearbook photos

Community Photo Upload

Upload your photos and they might get put into the yearbook!

Use password cougars19 to upload your photos.

Go to, search for CATA, and then click on the Community Upload link at the top of the page.

I heart yearbook
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So glad I didn't buy a yearbook poster