CATA Yearbook

Welcome to a page that has information about the CATA Yearbook-The CATAlyst!

2017 and 2018 yearbooks are still available for $85.00. Bring in a check or cash to Ms. Christensen. Make checks out to CATA. We have a limited number remaining so get yours today!

2019 Yearbooks are on sale for $75.00 until December 1st when the price will increase to $85. Be sure to remember to order your yearbook! Order yours today! Make checks payable to CATA. 

Order online at and search for CATA to link to our school. 

Upload your photos and they might get put into the yearbook! 

Community upload image for yearbook photos Use password cougars18 to upload your photos. 

Senior Tributes are available for sale until October 31, 2018 or until all space is full. Below are the prices and sizes along with how many pictures you can submit for each size. Know that if you write a long message that you may have to eliminate one or more photos. The yearbook staff will work with you to design the best tribute to recognize your senior. You can order senior tributes online as well using the URL above. If you don't see the option to order a tribute/ad, turn off any pop up blockers you might have on your browser and reload the page. You may also print this order form and send it in with payment. 

All photos need to be received at CATA by October 31st. You can either send digital copies of photos or bring in print copies that we will scan for you. The highest resolution of digital file possible is best so we have options for resizing, etc. A dot per inch (dpi) number of 600 is good. Most home printer/scanners will allow you to adjust the default scanning resolution. The main photo must be from the current year and feature the student alone. 

Tribute Sizes:

1/8 = $65, one picture max

1/4 = $100, 3 pictures max

1/2 = $195, 6 pictures max

Full page = $295, 9 pictures max

If you have any questions about senior tributes or yearbook sales, please contact Ms. Deb Christensen at or call 704-296-3088, ext. 7140. 

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