Uploading a class grades file onto Bear Tracks

This tutorial has been designed for primary (lead) course instructors who would like to manually enter students’ final course grades into the Bear Tracks system who have not used eClass gradebook and have a personal grade file.

This tutorial has been broken into four (4) parts, as follows:

  • Step 1: Downloading the Class Roster
  • Step 2: Importing the Completed Grades File into the Grade Roster<
  • Step 3: Attaching Grade Support Documentation
  • Step 4: Submitting Grades for Approval
Important: Do NOT use Internet Explorer to complete your grades upload on to Bear Tracks. Google Chrome and Firefox are both acceptable internet browsers, and if needed, can be downloaded using the following links:

Step 1: Downloading the Class Roster

If you would like to maintain your students’ grades using a spreadsheet, and later using this same spreadsheet to upload your final grades on to Bear Tracks, you will first need to download the class Roster to your computer. To do this:

  1. Log in to Bear Tracks [New Tab] and click on the Instructors tab located in the left navigation menu

  2. Click My Schedule

  3. From the ‘My Teaching Schedule’ table, locate the course that you would like to upload grades for, and then click on the corresponding Grade Roster icon—this will transfer you to the ‘Grade Roster’ page for that particular course section:

  4. After you’ve reached the Grade Roster page, scroll down to the ‘Download/Upload’ section of the page (found immediately below the ‘Grade Roster Action’ section). From the ‘File format’ drop-down menu, select the format that you would like the Roster to be formatted in, and then click download

    Important: Please ensure that your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled prior to attempting the download. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your internet browser, it may prevent the grade roster from downloading successfully. For more information on how to disable pop-ups, please select your browser from the list below:

  5. After clicking the download button, one of two things will happen, depending on which internet browser you are using:

    1. If you are using Firefox or Safari, a pop-up window will appear, asking whether you would like to open or save the file—choose to Open.

    2. If you are using Google Chrome, your downloaded file will appear at the bottom of the screen as a button (note you may be prompted to save first). Click on the file name to open it.

    Important: If you are using Google Docs as your spreadsheet application, you will need to first save the eClass grade export file, and then upload it onto Google Docs, in Google Doc format, in order for you to be able to view and edit it. For more information on how to upload your file in Google Docs, please see support documents for Google Docs.
  6. The course Roster will now open in Excel (or whichever other spreadsheet application you are using).

    If you intend on using the spreadsheet to maintain a record of all course grades throughout the term, you may choose to add as many or as few columns as you wish, but in preparation for uploading of final grades onto Bear Tracks, the following conditions (which are the defaults from exported files from eClass)MUST be in place:

    1. Column A must be “TERM”

    2. Column B must be “Class Number”

    3. Column C must be “ID” (refers to student ID number)

    4. Column D must be “Final Grade”

  7. The final grades must be entered into the ‘Final Grades’ column, in the format appropriate to your course’s grading basis:

    • Final grades for courses graded on a graded (alphabetical) basis must be entered as letter grades (ie. A+, A, A-, B+, etc.)

    • Final grades for courses graded on a completed/not completed (pass/fail) basis must be entered as either a CR (completed requirements) or NC (not complete).

    If the above conditions are not met, you will be unable to load the Final Grades from this spreadsheet into Bear Tracks.

    After the final grades have been entered into the spreadsheet, save the file in either a .csv.txt.xls, or .xlsx format. Please note that these are the only acceptable formats in which you can upload the completed file onto Bear Tracks.

    Those who are using Google Docs will need to download the edited file onto their computer from Google Docs. To do this, from within your Google spreadsheet, navigate to the File menu (located towards the top left of the screen), and hover your mouse over the Download as option. Select one of the following file types: .csv.xls, or .txt. The file will download to your computer.

Step 2: Importing the Completed Grades File Into the Grade Roster

Now that you have a completed grades file with all the necessary information, your file can be uploaded onto Bear Tracks. Please note that only course primary (lead) instructors will have access to upload grades into Bear Tracks.

To upload the grades file on to Bear Tracks:

  1. Navigate to the Grade Roster for the course that you would like to upload grades for (see Step 1 for a refresher).

  2. After you’ve reached the Grade Roster page, scroll down to the ‘Download/Upload’ section of the page (found immediately below the ‘Grade Roster Action’ section), and click on the upload button:

  3. A file attachment window will appear. Click on the “Browse” button on the file attachment window to open your computer’s file explorer and search for the grades file you saved previously.

    Once you’ve located the file, click on its name to select it, and then click the Open button to the bottom right of the explorer window.

  4. The selected file’s location should now appear in the file attachment window. Click the Upload button to upload the data in your eClass grades file onto the Bear Tracks roster.

  5. The grade data you have imported from your uploaded file will now be displayed on-screen at the bottom of the grade roster page, along with the list of students enrolled in this section of the class.

    You will notice that an upload report has also been generated. If there are any issues with the data that you have uploaded, a message will display reading “Grades loaded for the following students are invalid.” Note that students whose uploaded grades were invalid will be assigned a blank grade in the Grade Roster.

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the Grade Roster page and review the grades that have been uploaded into the Student Roster (particularly if you’ve received an invalid grade notice). If necessary, you may make changes using the available drop-down selections. If you do make changes, we recommend that you also update the grades file on your computer, so that your own records match what has been submitted.

    If any changes are made to the grade roster after you’ve uploaded your grades file, be sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Attaching grade support documentation

Now that your students’ grades have been successfully saved into the Grade Roster, you will need to attach some supporting grade documentation. This documentation should contain information about all term grades, the weightings for all assessmentsstudent ID numbersstudent names, as well as all final grades/remarks, and is required for use in the grade approval process.

To supply your grade support documentation:

  1. Type out any comments you may have for the Grade Approver into the Instructor Comments field, located immediately above the Student Roster.

  2. Below the ‘Instructor Comments’ field is a file attachment area—it is here that you will need to upload your supporting grade documentation. The upload limit for this file is 10MB, and only one (1) file may be uploaded. If you have multiple files that you wish to attach, you will need to zip them together prior to uploading them here.

    To upload your file, click the attach file button to open the file attachment window.

  3. Click the Browse button on the file attachment window to open your computer’s file explorer, and search for the file you wish to attach.

    Once you’ve located the file, click on its name to select it, and then click the Open button to the bottom right of the explorer window.

  4. The selected file’s location should now appear in the file attachment window. Click on the Upload button to complete the upload.

  5. The file name will now appear on-screen, in the ‘Attached File’ area. Click SAVE.

Step 4: Submitting Grades For Approval

Now that you have uploaded, and verified your students’ final grades, and have attached you supporting grade documentation, you are ready to submit you final grades for approval. To do this:

  1. Scroll to the top of the Grade Roster page, and from the ‘Approval Status’ drop-down menu, select Ready for Review:

  2. After you have selected an approval status of ‘Ready for Review,’ a send for approval button will appear.

    Important: Once you click the “send for approval” button, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the grade roster page. This includes manual changes to final grades, uploading final grades, entering comments for the grade approver, and attaching support documents. Please ensure that you have completed all of these steps and have reviewed all of your information prior to sending the grade roster for approval.

    When you are sure that you are ready to submit your grade roster for approval, click the send for approval button:


You have now successfully submitted your course grades.