I am a philosopher of science and technology, and a scholar of Buddhist philosophy.

I hail from a former coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania and, earlier in my childhood, from a working class neighborhood on the eastside of Baltimore. I also have family from the village of Asklipios.

Prior to becoming a philosopher, I proofread for a medical transcription company, clerked and audited at a hotel, and coached high school soccer. Many of these wages went to maintaining a 1982 Pontiac Grand Am (with moonroof and tinted windows), which I bought used thinking I knew better.

My wife and I are raising our sons, Dorion and Aineias, in Northwest Huntsville. We like front yard gardens and libraries, bicycling, and other ways of belonging to our community. And Curious George, too.

Occasionally, I think fondly and playfully about how useless the humanities are. Sometimes I also run fast (20:17 is my best time for the 5K). Once I did some public philosophy.