Building an Accessible Playground


This is the online resource center for the "Building an Accessible Playground" unit. Here you will find all educational materials pertaining to this unit, including teacher guides, lesson plans, worksheets, and examples of student work.

“Building an Accessible Playground,” is an integrated curricular unit for second-grade students in a Sheltered-Immersion classroom. The unit centers on the community-based engineering design project of designing playground equipment that is accessible for children with disabilities, tying together concepts of problem scoping, planning designs, building prototypes, and explaining designs through drawings and persuasive writing.

Unit Flow:

Quick Links:

Using this Unit- Introduction to the unit, explanation of how to use all digital resources

Unit Plan- Summary of the lesson sequence in a convenient table

Lesson Plans- Complete guides for each lesson, including both teacher and student materials

Student Work- Examples of student designs and solutions

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