...yet, ah, it's happening again

the school of black death seethes in the west

in the spring it was considered

and even called

love itself...

Now, get yourself on home

Phone the weather station

Bundle your head up tight

Prepare to be soaked to the quick

Get yourself out and confront each and every person

All the many faces that are stiffened and wan

Go around encouraging them with your fire

Tell them that you will provide their compensation

Whatever it takes out of you

Stop working

Throw down your rake

I had all the fertilizer planned

Feeling responsible for the rice plants

And the paddies were flattened one after the other

Thanks to this morning's violent thunder storm

And this half-moon cloudy sky

The plants came down one after another

It is not only in the factories

That work can be demeaning

What is ignoble is

To strive to conceal your insecurity

Working yourself to the bone