This is the schedule for CSCI2320. You will find links to lecture slides, recommended readings, and everything that is due for the class here. I picked the dark theme to represent the black spot on your soul that this course is intended to produce.

8-27Introduction to Class, C++, and the C++ Tool Chain

9-1Stacks and Queues in C++
C++ Quiz (Ch. 1 & 2)
9-3Code Review and Iterators and General Questions
Array Stack and Queue
9-8Iterators and STL ContainersCLRS 10.1C++ Quiz (Ch. 3)
9-10Code Review and Linked Lists
Memory Based Array List
9-15Linked Lists and Binary FilesCLRS 10.2C++ Quiz (Ch. 4)
9-17Code Review and Linking Without PointersCLRS 10.3, 10.4Memory Based Linked List
9-22File-based Linked List and Hash Tables
C++ Quiz (Ch. 5)
9-24Code Review and Hash TablesCLRS 11File Based Array List
9-29Hash Functions and Finish Hash Tables
C++ Quiz (Ch. 6)
10-1Code Review and Trees
File Based Linked List
10-6Binary Search TreesCLRS 12C++ Quiz (Ch. 7 & 8)
10-8Code Review and  BST (Take Home Test 1)
Memory Hash Map
10-13Keeping Additional PointersCLRS 13C++ Quiz (Ch. 9 & 10)
10-15Code Review and Balanced Binary Search Trees
File Hash Map
10-20Balanced BSTs
C++ Quiz (Ch. 11)
10-22Code Review and AVL vs. Red-Black TreesCLRS 14BST Map
10-27Augmented Trees
C++ Quiz (Ch. 12)
10-29Code Review and Augmented Trees
AVL Tree
11-3Interval Trees and B-treesCLR 18C++ Quiz (Ch. 13)
11-5Code Review and B-Trees
Order Stat Tree
11-10DPS Conference (No Class)

11-12DPS Conference (No Class)

11-17Spatial Trees/Databases
C++ Quiz (Ch. 14 & 15)
11-19Code Review and Databases (Take Home Test 2)
11-24E-R Diagram and Normalization

11-26Thanksgiving (No Class)

12-1Normalization and SQL
C++ Quiz (Ch. 16)
12-3Code Review and SQL
12-8Searching in SQL

FinalTuesday, 12/8 at 7pm for Part 1, Tuesday, 12/15 at 7pm for Part 2
Database Project