This is a list of the topics that we will tentatively be discussing each day of the semester. I will add links from each one to the slides that I use during the lecture. Those should be present the night before the lecture at the latest. Also listed are the readings/videos for each day and what is due on those days.

DateTopicReadings and VideosDue
8-23Introduction to Class, Computers, and the Future of ComputingCh. 1 
8-28Linux Command Line, vi, and ScalaAppendix A (video playlist) 
8-30Scala Expressions and Types plus Binary NumbersCh. 2.1-2.6 (video playlist) 
9-4Show Your Code with Strings, Variables, Sequential Execution, and ScriptsCh. 2.7-2.10IcP #1 (Appendix A Exercises, pick 3 except 1 & 2)
9-6Boolean Expressions and IfCh. 3.1-3.4 (video playlist)Quiz #1 (Answers)
9-11Boolean Expressions, FunctionsCh. 3.5-3.7, 4.1-4.4 (video playlist)
9-13Show Your Code with Lambda Expressions and Higher Order FunctionsCh. 4.5-4.9IcP #2 (Chapter 3 Projects)
9-18Recursion for RepetitionCh. 5.1-5.4 (video playlist)Quiz #2 (Answers)
9-20Show Your Code with Recursion, Match, and PatternsCh. 5.5-5.8IcP #3 (Chapter 4 Projects)
9-25Finish recursion  
9-27Midterm 1 (Review Sheet)

10-2Collection Types (Arrays and Lists)Ch. 6.1-6.5 (video playlist)
10-4Higher-order MethodsCh. 6.5-6.7Assignment #1 (Chapter 5 Projects except #6 and #8)
10-9Types, Argument Passing, and BugsCh. 7 (video playlist)Quiz #3 (Answers)
10-11Show Your Code with While and For LoopsCh. 8.1-8.3 (video playlist)IcP #4 (Chapter 6 Projects excluding #3)
10-16Loops and TestingCh. 8.4-8.5
10-18Files and Case ClassesCh. 9, 10 (video playlist and video playlist)
10-23Show Your Code with Starting GUIsCh. 11.1-11.5 (video playlist)IcP #5 (Chapter 8 Projects)
10-25Show Your Code with Properties, Bindings, and PanesCh. 11.6-11.8IcP #6 (Chapter 9 Projects)
10-30GraphicsCh. 12.1-12.2 (video playlist)Quiz #4 (Answers), Assignment #2 (Chapter 10 Projects)
11-1Show Your Code with GraphicsCh. 12.3-12.6IcP #7 (Chapter 11 Projects)
11-6Midterm 2 (Review Sheet)

11-8Show Your Code with SortingCh. 13.1 (video playlist)IcP #8 (Chapter 12 Projects)
11-13SearchingCh. 13.2-13.6
11-15XMLCh. 14 (video playlist)Quiz #5 (Answers) and Assignment #3 (Chapter 13 Projects)
11-20Thanksgiving (No Class)   
11-22Thanksgiving (No Class) 

Show Your Code with Memory Layout and Branching RecursionCh. 15 (video playlist)IcP #9 (Chapter 14 Projects)
11-29Basics of Object-Orientation and EclipseCh. 16 (video playlist)Quiz #6 (Answers)
12-4Show Your Code with More OO and Conclusion
IcP #10 (Chapter 15 Projects)
12-13, noon(Final Review Sheet)
Assignment #4 (Chapter 16 Projects)