Maria Denney, LSCSW

      I  earned my Bachelor & Masters of Social Work degrees from the University of Kansas and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have provided therapeutic services to children and families my entire social work career with elementary through high school age students both in and out of the school setting.   I am fortunate to have been a school social worker in Topeka Public Schools since 1999.   
      While I have been at the amazing Topeka High School,  I have worked with students in special education to provide therapeutic social/emotional support and strategies to better access their learning, often as an IEP service.  Sometimes students and families need to know supports in the community as well as the school, and I can help refer families to services that may be helpful. In addition, I provide the social work assessment portion of the comprehensive evaluation process in special education.  Because education is vital to ongoing growth and development, I support those efforts by supervising the education and practice of Master's level social work students in the school setting and teaching social work courses at the University of Kansas, while working directly with our Topeka High students on current and post high school goals.

     I truly enjoy this work and welcome any contact or questions you may have.  I can be reached at (785) 235 - 7185 or through e-mail at  I look forward to talking with you!