Useful Links

Spring 2015

Here is a list of useful links:


for an English/Spanish dictionary,


for the Spanish/Spanish dictionary from La Real Academia Española,

for both Spanish/Spanish and English/Spanish dictionaries as well as verb conjugation,


for an online Spanish thesaurus,


for verb conjugation,


for more verb conjugation,

for even more verb conjugation,

for help with diacritic and tilde (accent mark and squiggle),

for crossword puzzles,


for learning with music,


for lessons and games,


for discussions and reading,

for online Spanish newspapers,


for online Spanish comics and cartoons,

for a guide to Spanish language websites,

for the grammar basics,

for help with Spanish grammar,


for free tests,

for an online language learning community,

for monthly editions of ThinkSpanish,
username: TMCC
password: library

for a comprehensive collection of interactive learning activities,

for practice and free tutorials,


for online tutoring,
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by following the instructions at this link

for the Punto y aparte Home Page,

For the Vistas 4th ed. Supersite,

If you find a website that you especially like that helps you with Spanish, please bring it to share with the class.