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Share Table aims to feed students, cut waste

posted May 1, 2018, 6:02 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Fatuma Mohamed 
Just in this country, Americans waste about 165 billion dollars worth of food, according to the National Resources Defense Council, or NRDC. In developed countries, there is a lot food that gets wasted. Food could be donated to the homeless shelters, and can be used for consumption, instead of being wasted. Students at Moorhead High School, in a Study Strategies class of 11th and 12th graders started a share table at the school, where students leave food that they don’t what to eat, instead of throwing away to help prevent food waste. Speaking to the teacher who organized this with her students, Mrs. Olson said “the students started to look up articles and saw other schools starting a share table, and it would be a great idea here.”  Mrs. Olson and her students first went to talk to Assistant Principal Josh Haag to start the share table. After, they collect the food the package it over the weekend and donate it. So far, they have collected and redistributed 33 pounds of food.