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This is the manifesto of The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Do you agree with it?

1. I want theatre to challenge me, I want it to challenge all of us

2. I want a theatre where absolutely everyone feels welcome

3. I want a theatre to be a safe place for difficult conversations

4. I want theatres that everyday people can afford to go to

5. I want theatre to demonstrate more ethnic diversity on and off stage

6. I want theatre to be a place for children

7. I want theatre to know it belongs to the public and to reflect this in everything it does

8. I want a theatre that knows everyone can make theatre

9. I want a theatre that understands theatre can happen anywhere and should happen everywhere

10. I want a theatre that gets into communities and listens

11. I want a theatre that recognises that the audience is part of the performance

12. I want theatre to connect more with ordinary people

13. I want theatre to speak for people whose voices wouldn’t be heard otherwise

14. I want theatre to be demanding and entertaining at the same time

15. I want theatre to allow me to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

16. I want to be transported into different lives and worlds

17. I want theatre to be a place to relax