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Computer Science Department encourages students to work on research projects with faculty members to explore a topic area of common interest more deeply and to gain valuable practical experience.

We introduce some of our students' exemplary, on-going or recently completed research projects.

CAB: Collaborating Across Boundaries

Student Researcher: Sam Hajnasrollahi

Project Mentor: Monisha Pulimood, Ph.D.

BookFinder Mobile App Development

Project Team: Sterly Deracy (speaker), Sean Barton, Thomas Camilli

Project Mentor: Deborah Knox, Ph.D.

Marimba Mallet Placement Tracker

Student Researcher: Daniel Beer

Project Mentor: Andrea Salgian, Ph.D.

Predicting Subjective Attributes in Multimedia Data

Student Researcher: Alexander J. Viola

Project Mentor: Sejong Yoon, Ph.D.