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World Garden Mission Statement

Eastlake High School World Garden- The purpose of this site is to include the resources that would be helpful to users of the Eastlake High School Botanic Garden, located in Chula Vista,California. Users of the garden include students with projects, faculty, including but not limited to the Science Staff, administrators and other staff at Eastlake High School. Projected content would include links to schoolwide projects utilizing gardens, teacher's lesson plans including gardens in their curricula, potential use of the garden for uses other than academic and links to other Eastlake High School Programs. The internet provides a convenient medium for the project because it provides instant access to resources at Eastlake High School for the local population as well as, parents or visitors that are new to the community or considering moving to the area. It is hoped that these ideas for arid climate gardens grow as the seeds grew that made this garden possible.

This site is a redesign of the original work by James Merzbacher, whom we still keep in good contact with and consult in garden matters.