Welcome To Mrs. Burlingame's and Mrs Diaz-Batista's 4th Grade Class

Homework for week of September 11th - 15th
Monday - 1. Essay, Read "Winn Dixie" chap.3
Students will bring home outlines for their essays and the introduction will be completed in class. Most of the work for this assignment will be completed together in class.

 2. Read "Scholastic News" and complete "Quiz Whiz" (due Friday)
                                                You may want to do a bit each evening.

                         **PLEASE send in pictures for our "Family Quilt " square!!!
Tuesday -  Story & Questions (handed out in class)
Read "Winn Dixie" chap. 4

Wednesday -  Math workbook pages (page numbers will be copied into planners)
Read "Winn Dixie" chap. 5

Thursday- Study for spelling & vocabulary tests
Read "Winn Dixie" chap. 6
Be sure to complete "Scholastic News" Quiz Whiz and bring to school

Friday -
Have a great weekend!!

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