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4th Grade!


An eerie month in 4th grade as we study the work of author, Chris Vanallsburg. His eerie, intriguing tone is perfect for this spooky month! We have used his work as a basis for writing "Real Estate" ads for "haunted houses", practicing the art of writing an engaging story "lead", and to learn how to write a story ending that leaves a reader wondering what could happen next. You should check out some Chris VanAllsburg books - enjoyable for adults and children

Quick Notes about the week of October 15th-19th

Science: Why leaves change color in Autumn

Math: Chapter 2

Writing: Learning to write with an eerie tone

Reading: "The One and Only Ivan" by Katherine Applegate

*Story of the Week: "What Jo Did"

Vocabulary Words:

fouled – in sports, to make an unfair play against someone

hoop – a ring, or round flat band

jersey – a pullover shirt, no buttons, worn by a sports team

marveled – filled with wonder, astonished

rim – an edge or border that goes around something (around a basketball hoop)

speechless – not able to speak, talk

swatted – hit sharply, slapped

unbelievable – hard to believe, incredible

dribbling – moving a ball by bouncing it

dunk – to shoot a basketball by leaping and reaching above the rim

Spelling Words:

active astound attend cherish contract

eager expose grace impose modest

parallel paralyze pessimist recite respond

Homework for the week of 10/15-10/19

Monday - Essay, Read "Ivan" pages 37-57

No Scholastic News this week!

Tuesday - Story and Questions

Read "Ivan" pages 58-70

Wednesday - Math - textbook pages

Read "Ivan" pages 71-89

Thursday - Study Spelling & Vocab.

Read "Ivan" pages 90-119

Friday - Have a great weekend!!

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