Leipsic Education Foundation

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Leipsic Education Foundation shall be to solicit, accept, manage, and invest monetary and other donations for the benefit of Leipsic Schools and in so doing to support the goals of the Leipsic Schools, including the instruction, extracurricular activities, and such other activities as may be identified by the Leipsic Local School District Board of Education and Leipsic Superintendent of Schools as being in furtherance of the goals of the Leipsic Local School District. In support of the purpose, the Foundation will promote the concept of charitable support of the schools to the public, assist in coordinating fundraising activities with all groups acting on behalf of the Leipsic Local School District, and maintain an accurate database of contributors to the Leipsic Local School District.

Ways to Give

There are several ways an individual or group may choose to contribute to the Leipsic Education Foundation. A tax-deductible contribution can be made in any of the following ways.

Outright Gift

Cash or long term appreciated securities.

Memorial Gift

Cash or assets in memory of deceased friend, relative, or educator.

Deferred Gift

Bequests, gifts annuities, life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, etc.

Incremental Gift

Gifts made in planned stages over a specific period of time.

Foundation Board of Trustees:

President: Sam Walther

Vice President: Eric Steingass

Trustee: Greg Williamson

Trustee: John Schortgen

Trustee: Marvin Maag

Trustee: Doug Mangas