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Library Lesson Template Week Six: Teacher Planning
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May 6, 2020

If you are looking for daily updates and additions, please join our Google Info Lit and Technology Classroom using code: stnskfx (you must be a Stratford student or stratk12.org Google user to participate). This is where our daily lessons, assessments, updates and fun activities are posted. So join us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Here is today's newest addition, a podcast of all things Grimm.



Mrs. Kathleen Hubler


Why books?

There is still nothing like a book. For pleasure or group reading assignments we have over 16000 books available to you. We are happy to buy books that are of interest to you if they are not already in our collection. Come in and we'll show you how to locate books that may interest you using Destiny, Amazon, Goodreads or other resources. If you do not enjoy reading, we have not gotten the right book into your hands, yet.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Why ebooks?

Because you live on your devices (Chromebooks, cell phones) and ebooks are available to you from anywhere. We can connect you to both our ebooks with the Stratford Public Library collection of ebooks , the State library collection of ebooks and All you need is a library card number and a device.

Why eaudiobooks?

Still not sure reading is for you? No need to miss out! Download some amazing literature to your device for listening by using Gale Virtual Reference Library, the Stratford Public Library of eaudiobooks and the State library collection of eaudiobooks. All you need is a library card number and a device (and perhaps some earbuds.

Or a Kindle

If you do not have a working device, you may borrow one from the Stratford Library! They loan out Kindles which play ebooks and eaudiobooks. (Libraries are the best!)


Why Databases?

Get the tools you need to succeed. Databases are accessible, age appropriate, and citable (they'll do the citing for you) resources that you can trust. Links to subscription and free databases below.

Why join the Class?

The Library Learning Classroom offers tips and techniques for many subject areas, presentation modes and topics of interest. If you ever feel uncomfortable trying new things (video, narration, group chats, animoto, prezi, etc.) this is the place where you can find the answers at your own pace, in your own time.

BHS Information Literacy and Technology Classroom

Why is the LIBRARY Learning Commons closed to study hall students sometimes?

In addition to students with research assignments we serve as a classroom to teach research and digital skills at teachers' requests. At times we have one, two or three classes in the library at one time which precludes having study hall students at those times. Other times the Library Learning Commons is used for guest speakers, shows, Poetry Fests, Financial Literacy Fairs and many other events. Please click on the CALENDAR link to see how full we are and whether we are open to study hall students.

Why Noodletools?

Noodletools is a unique online organization tool for choosing a topic, stating a thesis, collecting information, extracting what you need to prove your thesis and build your research through notes, outlines, drafts and final products.

Why MLA8?

Citing your work if part of being an ethical user of information.

https://style.mla.org/works-cited-a-quick-guide/MLA 8: A quick guide

Why Self-Assessments twice a year?

We use assessments to determine where you may be struggling in the information rich world you inhabit. This helps us ensure that, when you leave Bunnell, you are ready for anything college or the workplace has in store. You will be able to keep up and surpass others' expectations of you. These assessments keep us from assuming that you are comfortable and adept at every aspect of digital learning and expressing your learning in multiple formats.

Please click HERE if you have not taken the MLA8 Assessment yet this year. Thank you.