Color Selections

Concrete Colors

Prism Pigments Concrete Colors are pure, synthetic iron oxide pigments containing no fillers that will affect the performance of the concrete mix design. Prism Pigments concrete color applications provide the user with a lightfast, weather resistant, lime-proof, no maintenance finished product.

Prism Pigments maintain the highest tinting strength and color consistency from bag to bag. Prism Pigments Concrete Colors are ideal for use for integrally colored concrete in highly visible areas such as driveways, patios, walkways, car paths, curbings, athletic courts, or stamped concrete. A stable, weather resistant color is always the end result.

Color Hardener/ Antique Release Agent

Prism Pigments Antique Agent is a colored powder uniquely formulated to facilitate the details of concrete textured mats. Releasing the concrete from the textured mats is significantly enhanced using Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent. Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent provides an authentic antiquing color to beautify the desired pattern in the concrete.

Prism Pigments Color Hardener is a blend of light fast pigments, portland cement and clean hard, carefully graded fine aggregates. Prism Pigments Color Hardener is available in 24 standard colors, with special color available upon request. Economical compared to integrally colored concrete, typically at lower cost because only the top 1/8″ to 3/16″ is colored and hardened. Each component of Prism Pigments Color Hardener meets or exceeds ASTM & UBC guideline, including pigments, portland cements and aggregates.

*The color of raw materials, or a sample strip, is subject to variation from the color chip reproduced above. Colors above are as accurate as can be produced using finest materials of reproduction job site variations from the above color may occur due to differences in local raw materials and methods of application. Before final color selection is made, a job site panel should be erected and approved.