News Coverage

John J. Shea  Anthropology, Survival, and Emergency Preparation.  The Huffington Post: The Blog (December 16).
Paula Pecorrella (2015) Primitive technology professor takes hands-on approach to teaching.  Stony Brook Statesman (Nov. 30). 
Brian Smith (2015) Learning How to Survive the Ice Age, Hands-On.  Stony Brook Matters/Happenings (News for Alumni & Friends) November 10, 2015.  This site shows my "Primitive Technology" class doing their spearthrower (atlatl) laboratory excercise.
Bruce Bower (2015)  Reading the Stones: There is more than one way to tell the story of human evolution via ancient tools.  Science News 187 (7): 16-21. (See pdf below.)
Pat Shipman's (2015) The Invaders: How Humans and Their Dogs Drove Neanderthals to Extinction (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press) recounts my research on complex projectile technology and rapid climate change in the Near East as factors in Neandertal extinction.
Michael Balter (2013) Archaeologist Hammers Away at 'Modern' Behavior. Science 339 (8 February): 642-643.   Balter 2013 Science Profile
John J. Shea (2011) Refuting a Myth About Human Origins. American Scientist 99 (3): 128-135. Shea 2011 American Scientist
John Shea 2011) "Is Race Real" Letters to the Editor.  American Scientist 99 (4): 276. Shea 2011 Is Race Real?
"Science On Tap" Interview: Back to the Stone Age. Episode 5 of "Science on Tap" 
Marilyn Johnson's (2014) Lives in Ruins: Archaeologists and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble (NY: HarperCollins). The chapter, "Survivalist Archaeology" describes the author's experience in my Archaeology of Human Origins and Primitive Technology classes.

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