Mystic Middle School
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 Greg Keith, Principal
 Allison Hine, Assistant Principal
 Nora Selinger, Guidance

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NameVoicemail #DepartmentPositionWebsite
NameVoicemail #DepartmentPositionWebsite
Babcock, Lisa 4317 Grade 8 Special Ed. Teacher  
Brandt, Kimberly 4319 Grade 7 Science Teacher Team Seven Website 
Cassidy, Cindy 4337 Grade 7 Grade 7 Social Studies Team Seven Website 
Denard, Natalee 4315 Grade 7  Math Teacher Team Seven Website 
Dow, Laura 4312 Special Education Teacher Ms. Dows' Website 
Dowling, Cate 4160 Support School Psychologist MMS Home Page 
Gavitt, Denise 4227 Administration Secretary MMS Home Page 
Gilbert, Ellen 4326 Music Choral Director Chorus Website 
Gill, Devri 4302 Grade 5 Math/Science Teacher Gill-Kepple Website 
Goldberg, Ed 4320 Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher Mr. Goldberg's Website 
Grace, Duffy 4328 Physical Education Teacher Mr. Grace's XC Facebook 
Harris, Heather 4305 Special Education - Grade 5 Teacher Ms. Harris' Website 
Hartnett, Laurie 4322 Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher Ms. Hartnett's Website 
Hathaway, Lauren 4321 Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher Team Seven Website 
Hilbie, Jim 4325 Music Teacher/Band Director MMS Band Website 
Hine, Allison  4131 Administrator Assistant Principal  The Principals' Corner 
Keith,Greg 4133 Administration Principal The Principals' Corner 
Kepple, Jocelyn 4301 Grade 5  Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher  Kepple-Gill Website 
Kulpik, Mandy 4304 Literacy Specialist Reading Teacher  
LaChance, Gabrielle 4324 Special Education Teacher  
Lathrop, Allison  4336 World Language Spanish Teacher Mrs. Lathrop's Website  
Leese, Kristen 4316 Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Leese's Website 
L'Homme, Annette 4253 World Language  French Teacher  
Liguori, Dr. Lori 4314 Mental Health School Psychology Dr. Liguori's Website 
Lindeborg, Joanne 4127 Administration Secretary MMS Home Page 
Major, Shauna 4309 Grade 6 Language Arts Teacher Team Six Website 
Maynard, Carol 4120 Kitchen Dietician  Food Services 
McGowan, Heidi 4300 Grade 5 Math & Science Teacher Mrs. McGowan's Website 
McGugan, Lauren 4310 Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher Team Six Website 
McLaughlin, Michael 4308 Grade 6 Math Teacher Team Six Website 
Miller, Kathleen 4332 World Language Spanish Teacher Ms. Miller's Class Page 
Miner, Lori 4120 Kitchen Dietician  Food Services 
Monahon, Jessica 4327 Survey Art Teacher   
Nigrelli, Robert 4330 Health Teacher  
Noyes, Kathleen 4329 Physical Education Teacher MMS Home Page 
Palumbo, Jessica 4311 Special Education - Grade 6 Teacher Mrs. Palumbo's Class Website 
Pellegrino, Stephanie 4313 Grade 8 Science Teacher Mrs. Pellegrino's Website  
Prince, Sue 4114 Library Library Media Specialist Ms. Prince's Website 
Romeo, Peggy 4335 Support Speech Pathologist  
Salsich, Jonah 4303 Grade 5 Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher Mr. Salsich's Blog 
Selinger, Nora 4331 Mental Health Guidance Counselor  
Sullivan, Nancy 4306 Grade 6 Science Teacher Team 6 Website 
Vitale, MaryAnn 4120 Kitchen Dietician  Food Services  
Welles, Barbara 4318 Grade 8 Math Teacher Mrs. Welles' Website 
Wollschlager, Carol 4125 Administration Nurse MMS Home Page 
Yarnall, Bruce 4323 Grade 7 Special Education Teacher Team 7 Website 
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