Physical Education

Our aim is to foster an environment where children gain the skills and confidence to engage in lifelong physical activity through:

All learners take part in weekly PE lessons with our PE Specialist, Lynn Kilpatrick and with their Hub teachers.

We encourage learners bring trainers for PE days so that they can participate safely and comfortably.

PE Extension

PE Extension is a programme for Yr 7/8 learners who consistently show they are bringing their best self in Physical Education.

We recognise the value of the tuakana-teina relationship, bringing our best together, and our learner's specific gifts and talents in PE. PE extension take a leadership role in PE with their Hub, the whole school and at wider events.

PE extension learn how to:

  • Take action to adapt activities so that everyone can participate and experience success and challenge
  • Collaborate with learners from Yr 1 - Yr 8
  • Communicate confidently and clearly
  • Use tools and strategies to observe and assess skills and game play


  • Requires extension and challenge in Physical Education
  • Demonstrates a high level, and range, of skills and understanding of strategies in games
  • Assessment capable
  • Brings their best together to support and encourage team mates
  • Demonstrates resilience and willingness to break ground
  • Demonstrates manaakitanga

Learners are selected by Miss K (PE teacher) in collaboration with Yr 7/8 teachers. Assessments on criteria are formed over time through observation in PE.