IMMERSE course resources

These are some resources from the IMMERSE course that I taught in 2010 at the University of Nebraska.  I taught a similar course during the Spring quarter of 2011 at Cal State East Bay.

I hope that these help you to design a similar course.  If you'd like additional resources, please feel free to contact me!

Schedule: This shows the general list and order of the topics that I lectured on, when I taught the class at Cal State.  You'll notice that the first topic is Metric spaces, and near the end we see the Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma and the F. John Ellipsoid.  This shows that we cover only what what is necessary in order to get where we want to go, and we give just a basic understanding of those more advanced topics. 

Homework 2:  One of the earlier homeworks during the "Lecture Stage."

Homework 7:  This homework is all "pre-paper problems" and was given during the "Reading Stage"

Sample Lecture:  This is one of the earlier lectures.

Section 1 Wrap-Up:  This is an example of the topics that we discussed during the wrap-up.  Here it is written like a lecture, but in the class much of this discussion was presented by students.