Read! Read! Read!

"Two Lives Are Yours"

Books I think
Are extra nice.
Through books you live
not once but twice.

You are yourself
And you are things 
With fur or fins
Or shells or wings,

As big as giants,
Small as gnats,
As far as stars
As close as cats.

You live today
And long ago.
The future, too,
Is yours to know.

You're multiplied,
Expanded, freed.
You're you and also
What you read.

Richard Armour

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20 years at St Linus...!

When I'm not at school and have time, I enjoy cooking, baking, home decorating, container gardening, working out, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

During your child's second grade year, I hope they grow in faith, kindness, respect for others; and begin to appreciate all the differences the world has to offer.  For from acceptance grows peace...

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