Welcome to my personal academic 
 I am Paiman Rafiq Mohammed ,lecturer at Sulaimani Polytechnic University SPU, Technical College of Administration. 

I am Lecturer with a Master Degree in Accounting & Auditing from Sulaimaniah University, in 2008.

Publications: I have 5 published Articles, 1 in the international Journal, 1 presented Conference paper and 3 published Journal Articles.

You can reach me at :

Technical College of Administration\ Suleiman Polytechnic University

E-mail : paiman.mohammed@spu.edu.iq
website : www.spu.edu.iq or www.spu.edu.krd

Paiman Rafiq Mohammed


Technical College of Administration

Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Teaching Experience:
1) I am teaching principles of Accounting at University College of Goizha in English Language.   2) I am teaching principles of Accounting at Cihan University/ Sulaimaniah in English Language.
3) I have taught the following modules in the previous years at Sulaimaniah Polytechnic University in Arabic Language: 
1) Cost Accounting, 
2) Principles of Accounting. 
3) Specialized Accounting. 
4) Auditing. 
5) Principles of Management. 
6) Government accounting. 
7) Unified accounting system. 
8) Theoretical accounting. 
9) Intermediate accounting.

My Research Interests :
  • Electronic accounting information systems.

  • Environmental Accounting.

  • Corruption.

  • Auditing.