Dr. Luqman Mahmood Mina
Welcome to my personal academic page. I am Dr. Luqman Mahmood Mina, I am working at the Directorate of Control and Communication Electricity of Sulaymani. 

Currently, I work at the College of Engineering (SPU) / Communication Engineering Department as a lecturer.

My Ph.D. is in Computational Intelligent 2016, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia.
My Master degree is in Communication Engineering from the University of Sulaimani -Iraq, 2010.
My B.Sc. is in Electrical Engineering from University of Salahadden-Erbil-Iraq, 2002.

Publications: I have 7 Published papers (Four International Conferences and three international journals) and 1 Published Book.

  • Member of Kurdistan engineers union since 2002.

You can reach me at :

Sulaimani Polytechnic University ( Communication Department)
Directorate of Control and Communication Dispatch Center (Ministry of Electricity)
E-mail:   luqman.mina@spu.edu.iq
website: www.spu.edu.iq or www.spu.edu.krd
Cell Phone: +9647701579022


Dr. Luqman Mahmood Mina
Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Teaching Experience:

I am teaching the following modules:

  • Digital Sigal Processing (DSP)
  • Modern Networks and Security System

My Research Interests :

  • Analog and Digital Communication System
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Image Processing 
  • Pattern Recognition 
  • Neural Network 
  • Medical Engineering