Welcome to my personal academic page.I am Bakhtiar A. Karim, Assist lecturer at Sulaimani Polytechnic University SPU .
I am Assist Lecturer with a Master Degree in Communications and Signal Processing” in 2015/2016. UK

You can reach me at :

Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Communication Engineering Department

E-mail :bakhtiar.ali@spu.edu.iq
website: www.spu.edu.iq or www.spu.edu.krd
phone: 07702419018

Bakhtiar Ali Karim 
Sulaimani Polytechnic University
Teaching Experience:

My Research Interests :

  • 5G technology
  • MIMO technique for bandwidth improvements  
  • Handover techniques in heterogeneous environments  
  • Smart Home 
  • IoT