Accurate Information

Avoid wasting time in Google searches by using our resources that we know are up-to-date and accurate. No fake news here!

Click here to go to your library's home page to get Britannica Online and Gale Cengage resources. See your librarian for you username and password. These should be your first search sources for homework help.

For accurate news information, please see these sites. Remember that any news source may have bias. It's good to compare news from multiple sources. Some sites that look like good news are misleading and can be highly politicized. Stick to reputable, established news sources.

Local News

The Houston Chronicle

KHOU Channel 11 CBS

Click2Houston Channel 12 NBC

KTRK Channel 13 Houston ABC

Spring Observer online site

Texas News

The Texas Tribune

Austin Statesman

Dallas Morning Herald

San Antonio Express

National News

Google News

The New York Times

News Voyager has links to most local newspapers across the United States

USA Today

The Washington Post


Global News

Global Voices


TV News Archive

Regional News Sources

All Africa

BBC NewsRound


PBS NewHour Extra

Al Jazeera



Specialized Subject News

Education Week

Search Engines We Recommend

InstaGrok will yield print and media search results. You must use a Chrome browser, not Internet Explorer.

Duck Duck Go will organize search results by subject groupings--very helpful if you are researching common words.

Academic Info Browse by subject.

Tutorials, Homework Help, & Videos

Khan Academy offers help in many subjects. Also has good educational videos.



PBS Learning

Quiz Hub is geared for high school.

Sites We Do Not Recommend

Wikipedia--information is not guaranteed to be accurate. If you do consult Wikipedia, verify the information in other sources. Wikipedia, information in not guaranteed to be accurate. Often we find that answers provided have been written by students who may not know any more than you do.