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                  Spring Sports Info for  South Plainfield High School


2020-21 Athletics

Welcome all to the 2020-21 Athletic Year. To assist you better we have gone paperless on our athletic packets. If a student wishes to participate in a Sport, the parent/guardian and athlete should complete the mandated paperwork and documentation online.  **See link below. Parent/Athletes should simply fill out all required forms in the Genesis Parent Portal. The portal will be open to all students on a sports roster in the month of October.

When a new physical is required because the previous physical exam was longer than 365 days prior - those forms must be submitted on paper because the law requires the physical forms to be signed and stamped by a physician.


Practice begins April 1, 2021


Athletics Office x 1661

                                           You can fax us your documents directly to 908-777-7801
                     or drop off box at high school inside exit 1                                                         vestibule.

Any questions or concerns with sports physicals, please call Nurse Carol Ullom at 

908-754-4620 x 1621  ( or leave a message on her voice mail)  or send her an 

email at cullom@spboe.org.   Mrs. Ullom is reviewing, tracking and coordinating ALL SPORTS 

PHYSICALS or UPDATE FORMS for the high school.

link to sports forms

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