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Welcome Financial Support

SouthernSound has been making itself more resilient and has been taking care with the safety of our volunteers. Many have been producing programmes from home.

This - plus the refurbishment - requires expenditure.

In this period, we are especially grateful to funding from the National Lottery of £9711, the Glasgow Credit Union, Giving Glasgow £250 and the CORA Foundation £1000.

Our thanks to these organisations for their generosity and support.

Refurbishing Studios

Refurbishment continues at the studios with installation of full professional wiring, new studio furniture, new servers and PCs.

The new desks give increased space for guests or programme assistants and a new L return houses a mini rack with Audio Switcher, CD Player and Headphone Amps.

The creation of digital studio 3 will increase the resilience of the service for unmanned operations.

Digital Studio 3

The equipment bay is also being fully wired to control all the outputs and the studios will be able to switch to a fully automated output from our new server and blade PC.

The bay also processes mics and provides limiter/compression for the output. Our distribution amps and Barix boxes for sending audio to the hospital and our web-site webstream will be housed here too.