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Introduction 簡介

Southern Michigan Chinese School (SMCS) was established in 1993 at Troy Continue Education Center. Classes are conducted in Mandarin and students learn traditional Chinese characters as well as phonetic symbols and the Pin-Yin system. Currently, there are 9 classes at 3 levels for students of different ages: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

SMCS not only stresses Chinese Language instruction, but it gives special emphasis to spreading Chinese culture as well. It asserts the importance of both students' academic achievement and their mental and physical well-being. SMCS provides local Chinese descendents with one of the best environments to learn Chinese culture, arts, and language.

The school launched the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML) in March 2023, set up within the school’s organizational structure and supervised by the Board of Directors. The TCML in SMCS is equipped with abundant software and hardware, well-qualified teaching staff, and excellent instructional content to promote Mandarin learning and Taiwanese culture to the mainstream community. Building on 30 years of the school’s Mandarin education experience, the TCML in SMCS has become the leading hub in Michigan for promoting Mandarin learning with Taiwanese characteristics.




Courses 課程特色

The TCML program is open to adults over the age of 18. Each course is 12-15 weeks long, with 3 hours of instruction per week. The courses are hybrid-style, with some classes being held in person and some being held online, depending on the course. Course materials are provided by the Overseas Community Affairs Council.

The courses introduce students to traditional Chinese characters and builds listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. In addition, they provide students with the opportunity to explore Taiwanese culture and history.

Furthermore, the Taiwan Center organizes cultural activities from time to time, with which students can immerse themselves in the authentic culture of Taiwan and increase their interest in Mandarin study. The events include traditional festival celebrations, Chinese speech competitions, Taiwanese Night Market, etc.

台灣華語文學習中心課程開放給年滿 18 歲的成年人參加。每個課程為期 12-15 週,每週授課 3 小時。課程採取混合式授課方式,視課程而定有些課程在線上進行,有些課程則在實體教室進行。課程材料由僑委會提供。



Location 交通資訊

Troy Continuing Education

Troy Learning Center

1522 E. Big Beaver Road

Troy, MI  48083


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