Southern Michigan Chinese School (SMCS) was established September of 1993 at Niles Adult School in Troy. Currently, there are 3 levels of classes for students of different ages: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance levels as well as CFL.

Each year the school year starts after Labor Day and ends mid-June totaling 32 school weeks. SMCS meets every Friday from 7-9 PM. Classes are conducted in Mandarin and students are learn traditional Chinese characters as well as phonetic symbols and the Pin-Yin system. Optional extracurricular activities are provided one hour prior to the start of class as well as after class. Activities include arts and culture, Chinese calligraphy, drawing and origami, Chinese Chess, Kung Fu and more.

    SMCS regularly holds a speech competition, literacy contest, and writing contest. In addition, the school is making plans for a poetry competition, an essay contest and a web design contest. Through these occasions, SMCS hopes to promote students' interest in learning Chinese as well as their appreciation of the Chinese Culture. SMCS also actively encourages its students to participate in extramural science and arts competitions; arts and cultural fairs sponsored by overseas Chinese associations; and major community events in the school's vicinity.

    SMCS not only stresses Chinese Language instruction, but it gives special emphasis to spreading Chinese culture as well. It asserts the importance of both student' academic achievement and their mental and physical well being. SMCS provides local Chinese descendents with one of the best environments to learn Chinese culture, arts, and language.