MISSION: To improve the quality of fresh locally grown food in the city of Detroit, by growing chemical free produces to enhance a healthier lifestyle through multi -levels  trainings.

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Detroit Community Compost for Community Health

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Detroit on the Path to Zero Waste

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Detroit Green Taskforce General Meeting


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Benefits of Zero Waste 

Environmental Benefits – The average Detroiter throws out about 11 kg of waste every week, adding up to 6 million tons of waste per year. Reducing the waste volume will decrease air pollution with fewer trucks transporting waste to landfills.

Social Benefits – Planning around Zero Waste continues the city’s commitment to reducing the impact of its waste management system on historically overburdened poor and minority communities including.

Economic Benefits – Eliminating the transportation of waste to landfills will save the city more than $310 million a year, the incinerator was shut down in 2021 and the city of Detroit send about 4 Ton out of our city each day  

Health Benefits – Waste reduction and less truck traffic will improve pedestrian safety, respiratory health, and overall quality of life.