CubeSat Database

Plots are Down; Will Return c. May 15th

This is a scheduled interruption in service. Plots will return.

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The Database

Apologies; since I no longer keep track of this information myself, I'm no longer publishing the list of Cubesats. If you have questions or have suggestions for making new/better plots, please contact me ( I love looking at this data, and would gladly spend more time talking about it than you want me to.


Part 1: Sponsors. This work has been supported, strongly, by the NASA Parts and Packaging Program (NEPP) through grants 80NSSC20K1230, NNX15AV50G, NNX17AJ46G, and 80NSSC18K0637.  

Part 2: Data Partner. Though I consider myself to be very much the junior partner, I am partnering with Seradata to generate the analyses shown here. I continue to augment their data with my own work.

Part 3: Sources of Data. These are some of the key places where I gather spacecraft data. (Not counting personal communications/web scouring, of course.)

Part 4: Other Databases. I don't draw my data from these sites, but that says nothing about the quality of their work. [Hint: It's high-quality work.]

Part 5: Student Collaborators. Many students have contributed to the management of this database

Part 6: My work. My own papers/presentations on the subject. These papers cover not just CubeSats, but also secondary spacecraft and university-class spacecraft. They are listed with the most recent, first.