Discipleship Program

About the Program 

The Discipleship Program is a new initiative of Skutt Catholic that focuses on helping students grow in their relationship with God during high school. It has become apparent that many high schoolers lose their faith despite being surrounded by a Catholic atmosphere. Many students may have brief encounters with Jesus but then there is no one to follow up with them. We are hoping to bridge this gap through this program. 

Students are offered to join a group during their time at Skutt Catholic. The groups are based on their natural friendships to allow for a natural familiarity within the groups. The group sizes vary from 3-8 people. Once a group has been formed the Discipleship Coordinator places them with an adult small group leader who will help enable deeper growth in their faith.  The group then decides on a time that would work for them to meet. The groups meet weekly for about an hour either before or after school. 

We are always forming new groups! If you are a student and  this seems like something you would be interested in, or if you would be interested in becoming a mentor or small group leader  please contact Miss Keller at quinlankeller@skuttcatholic.com.