Math Mastery

Every summer, upcoming middle and high school students are expected to complete the Math Mastery program for their upcoming math class. Math Mastery is considered 'summer reading' for math, and allows students to focus on mastering basic skills they have learned previously and will use extensively in their upcoming math class.

When students return for the new school year in August, they will take a Math Mastery test on the skills that are reviewed in the Math Mastery program. Students who complete all Math Mastery lessons and turn-in their work (completed worksheets with all steps shown) will receive 5 bonus points on the Math Mastery test. The work must be handwritten as no electronic work will be accepted. These lessons can be found in the course links to the right.

For those who would like the instruction, guidance, and accountability of a teacher to complete the summer Math Mastery program, SBA offers a Math Mastery Camp for most middle and high school math courses. The camp is July 15-19 and meets 80 minutes each day. The camps will be directed by SBA High School Math Department Head, Mr. Hetrick and Mr. Josh Schoening, 6th grade Math Teacher. Each Math Mastery lesson and worksheet will be completed during the camp. When registering, look for Math Mastery and your child's upcoming course. Spots are limited.

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