Shippensburg Ag Ed & FFA

Welcome to the Shippensburg Ag Ed and FFA homepage. This website will give you all classes available at SASHS below and all information about the FFA.

2019 - 2020 Officer Team

Available Courses:

  • Companion Animal Science

This course covers the pet industry. Cover units such as: Animal rights, Animal Welfare, Dogs, Cats, Rats and mice, and small animals as pets. We will be dissecting rats in this class.

  • Production Animal Science

This course discusses large animal in the agriculture industry, such as the dairy industry, beef industry, sheep industry, and goat industry.

  • Equine Studies

This course strictly deals with horses. The students will learn about different breeds of horses, horse reproduction, the cost of owning a horse, many other aspects of the horse industry.

  • Veterinary Science

This course the student will learn some of the terms that they will use in the veterinary industry, and how to dissect the words. We will also learn about the different systems in the body. The students will preform labs on dogs, such temperature, pulse, and respiration.

  • Small Gas Engines

This class teaches students the basic of a small gas engine, such as the four strokes of engine, parts and tools of SGE, and the functions of different systems. The students will be disassemble and reassemble an engine in this course.

  • Agricultural Mechanics

This course teaches the students woodworking and welding skills. The students get to make a small welding project, and a wood project of their choosing.

  • Introduction to Horticulture

This course deals with the plant industry. The students will learn how to properly raise a plant from a seed, transplant them, and the care that they require in the greenhouse. The students will also make a cutting of houseplants. We also have the opportunity to make a floral arrangement.

  • Agriculture Leadership

The students who take this class are typically FFA members, and all FFA officers are required to take this class. The students will complete a resume, cover letter, and a practice interview in this course. They will also write a prepared speech. Some other units of study include: parliamentary procedure, supervised agriculture experience, and leadership.

  • Wildlife Management

This course will investigate species of Pennsylvania and the United States, such as common mammals, song birds, and fish. We will also look at habitats that the different species live in, and how to maintain or improve their habitats. The course will also investigate wildlife management techniques, such as counting populations, over harvesting, and carrying capacities. Lastly, the course will look at the effect that invasive species have on our environment.

  • Agriculture Science

This is an introductory class geared towards freshman that covers units such as: Careers in Agriculture, What is FFA?, Animal Science, and Plant Science.

  • Supervised Agriculture Experience

This is an independent agriculture course. The students will keep a record book on their SAE project, such as a job, raising animals, or taking care of their pets.