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My name is Cindy Borelli, and I am the general and choral music teacher at Spring Ridge Elementary.  At Spring Ridge,  I meet with each class in grades K - 5 at least once a cycle for general music class experiences. 

Since graduating from West Chester University in May of 1990 with a B.S. in Music Education, I have been employed by the Wilson School District as an elementary general and choral music teacher.  During my years of service, I was privileged to work in several of the elementary schools: Berkshire Heights, Lincoln Park, Green Valley, West Wyomissing, Cornwall Terrace, Shiloh Hills, Spring Ridge, and Sinking Spring.  After my first five years of teaching, I earned my Masters in Music Education, with full certification in Orff-Schulwerk, from West Chester University.  Throughout the years, I have regularly attended and participated in various conferences and workshops in music education also. 

Orff-Schulwerk is a method of teaching music, which was developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman.  It is the philosophy of Orff and Keetman that children learn best by being actively engaged in the learning process.  This is initially accomplished with a child's most natural instrument, the voice.  Additionally, instrumental, dramatic, and movement experiences enhance the child's musical growth and development.  In my classroom I have seen the success of this pedagogy with my students as they sing, play, dramatize, and move with music to increase their understanding and appreciation of all types of music.

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